Thursday, December 5, 2013

Behind......and now looking ahead

Wow!! I LOVE the holidays, but November has been a CRAZY month..

So let me give the run down.. I defended my dissertation on November 13 - and passed. I am now Dr. (PhD).. It is VERY exciting.. I have been working on getting my final pages turned into the library, papers signed.. etc. All those last minute hoops.

As for Plexus Slim - So I was getting VERY discouraged. I lost a total of about 10 lbs (although the scale fluxuated a bit, and I lost several inches. But it wasn't coming off as fast as I like.. Once I ran out - I hit my "sample packs"  until they ran out. I intended to get another month, but Thanksgiving and bills.... and I'm behind. Since I have been off, I can safely say a lot of the "benefits" I had I truely think were from the Plexus Slim (PS)!

1) I haven't been riding my bike
      Yes - I've been busy and it has been cold. But until I stopped the PS I was interested and WANTED to move... so I am crediting PS for that desire

2) I have stopped drinking waters as much. I think this is more a conscious effort because since I'm not starting my day with water - I don't think about it. My DH (dear husband) and I have mostly stuck with our no carbonation with a few cheats (He got me a Diet coke the DAY I was defending the dissertation!)

3) CRAVINGS - we had been doing great! No craving a sweets at all. Well I wasn't - he wasn't eating them because since I didn't crave them - they were not bought! Since off the PS, my sweet tooth is seriously returned! For me, that alone may be worth continuing.

I do plan on ordering some more. I want to get back on the band wagon , plus I want to start the accelerator again - I kept forgetting it!!

I'll keep everyone posted!