Sunday, December 15, 2013

Back in the Saddle

My Plexus Slim arrived! I'm very excited to be back on the Pink! I did it faithfully for a little over 30 days, but didn't order fast enough when I ran out.  I can say that I truly feel the changes in appetite, cravings, and energy were NOT psychological!! I really feel they were the Pink.

Lets break it down -
All women KNOW we have hormone fluctuations... for each and everyone of us there is something we "crave" at certain times of the month. I have a sweet tooth. I usually REALLY want chocolate peanut butter SOMETHING right before my time, and then salty and sweet stuff during!!

In the month of November, I was rocking the Pink and I didn't want any of that!! I was hungry and ate regular food. December was another story. Oh MY GOD!! Between the hormones and being home bound due to weather - my cravings were/are out of control. 

Also - energy levels...
My DH and I bought bikes and had been riding. Now I'm not nearly as in shape as he is, so I want to ride easier trails and he likes to do longer rides. However, we were riding together a good bit. We would ride our trail and then he would go ride with some guy friends... I haven't ridden in over 2 WEEKS! I feel guilty - but there have been extenuating circumstances... Thanksgiving was in there, and so was bad weather...etc.  I think I'm going to surprise him, and ask him in the morning to go ride...

I'll let you all know if my cravings decrease again - or if it was a one time fluke.... Off to work I go !