Wednesday, October 30, 2013


      I think I finally got the timing correct on my Plexus Slim and accelerator...I also think I might be a LITTLE sensitive to natural caffine!

      So Monday (Day Two), I was dragging all day. Like I mentioned in my last post, I think I did the timing wrong.  I had taken the Plexus Slim with the accelerator WITH my breakfast. I didn't feel it all day and had the munchies pretty bad.

      So Tuesday, I decided to do it "correctly".  I got up made my drink and I finished it before I got something to eat. Around 30 minutes later, I fixed my left over chinese (I had slept in so it was more like brunch), and grabbed some water and my 2 pills (accelerator).  My agenda for yesterday was to finish editing my dissertation, which I needed to turn in today. After I had eaten, I noticed had the fidgets. No big deal, but it was noticeable to me. My day grew long, and sometimes that evening (still editing) I realized I was short an entire YEAR of research on my chapters. I was going to pull an all nighter. I never got really hungry, so I remember snacking on something little.

       DH called and decided to stay late at work since I wasn't going to be up for anything at home. Once he came home, he went to bed and I kept writing. I slowed down a little around 4 am, but drank some water and perked back up. Before I knew it, it was 9 am and I was wide awake. I had to make copies, and deliver the chapters to my professors. I was WIRED. I had not been asleep for over 24 hours!  I wasn't even tired. I ended up running some errands, and finally made it back to the house after 2 pm.  At this point, all I've had is a two hour nap and I'm still going strong!  I'm sure I will sleep good tonight, but I don't feel like I'm going to pass out if I get still. 

     I did message my upline ambassador, and we laughed about it. She told me some people do the whole first week on just one accelerator. I didn't think anything of it because it hadn't phased me the day before.  I have NOT taken the pink drink or the accelerator today because I do need to sleep.  At this point, I think I might just do one pill in the morning (but take it correctly), but I'm thinking about letting DH try it for the energy boost. Might be interesting to see how a bike ride goes while on a energy kick!

For all the naysayers, I am famous for pulling an all nighter. I am a true night owl, but typically, I work through the night and am BEGGING for sleep by 8 am. If I have to go anywhere, I'm asking my DH to drive me. This was totally different.

Still haven't (seriously) gotten on a scale, but I have noticed my appetite is curbed, and I don't feel like I need to snack. Not sure if it is all mental, so if this stuff is doing its job.  If anyone wants more information, please message me, or check out the link below. 

See you later

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day One

Today is day two, but I'm going to talk about day one (and some of day two).  So I warn you this is a bit long.

As I wrote previously, I received my Plexus Slim on Saturday October 26, 2013. I was very excited. I decided to start on Sunday October 27, 2013. I thought this would be perfect, since I was not only working - I was going to be working a 16 hour shift! I was to start my day at 0645 and go until 11 pm (ah the joys of nursing shifts). 

I got up at 515 am. After showering, I immediately fixed my Pink Drink in about 16 hours of water.  I drank my water as I was getting ready.  The drink was good. It had a berry flavor that I can't quite place.  After I finished getting ready,  I ate two eggs, and two biscuits with butter and jam (with a Dr. Pepper 10). Finally,  I took one of the accelerators. So I was ready to rock and roll!

So I went to work. I had a busy assignment and kept running most of my morning.  Around 1015, I noticed I was getting hungry. I had been drinking my water, and had already finished about 1 liter.  The hunger stuck me.  For the last few weekends, I had been eating eggs for breakfast because they "stuck" to me longer if I wasn't able to get to my lunch in a timely manner.  This was the first weekend I had actually been hungry before about 12 - 1230ish.  I finally went to lunch around 1130, and I had a grilled chicken breast, some squash, cheese mashed potatoes, and a diet Dr. Pepper.  I felt great. 

After returning to my unit, I kept busy until around 2pm.  I was HUNGRY again!  I called Heidi (my upline ambassador) who also works with me.  I told her I was hungry. It was crazy!  She and I talked about what I had eaten, and she agreed that it seemed I HAD consumed enough calories. She suggested I have a snack. I considered it but I started drinking my second liter of water. 

Some of the girls had gone to the gift shop and bought some candy - so I had some of this while I was drinking the water.  Day kept going well without issue. I had a chance to eat dinner around 8pm. I ate potato soup, and 5 mozzarella sticks.  When I ate dinner, I was a little hungry but not much.  Before I knew it, it was 11 and I was going home. I immediately noticed I wasn't really sleepy. I was tired because I had worked, but I wasn't sleepy and dragging. At home, I did have a little bit of chips and dip (but I think this might have been old habits die hard).

Today, it was a little different. I think I got my timing wrong.  I fixed my Pink Drink. I had it along WITH my biscuits and 2 accelerators. I have been more sleepy today (although it isn't unusual for me to be tired after a weekend at work which included a 16 hour shift).  I did have lunch with some friends, and did better than usual. I didn't finish all of my meal. Although, now that I am home again (and it is almost 3 hours after lunch), I am hungry again.  I wonder if the accelerator is making me hungry...

I think tomorrow I will have the pink drink before I eat anything.

Oh - and here are the specs I promised (all of this is in inches)!
R Arm - 18; Chest - 37.5; Waist - 39; Hips -54.5; R Thigh - 31.5

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The British are coming....

Everyone has heard this..

"The British are coming.... The British are coming.."  We learn about this in history as the famous shout from Paul Revere.  

When I got the email from Plexus Worldwide telling me my Plexus Slim order had shipped, I felt I should be doing my own version.. "The Plexus is coming... The Plexus is coming!"

Tonight, when I got home from work - I HAD A PACKAGE! My Plexus Slim has arrived and tomorrow I plan on starting my journey.

Tomorrow (after work) I will post my measurements (gasp!).  I have a picture and my weight - but I'm embarrassed to put that out there just yet. Maybe when I can see how far I've come - I will become braver.

Looking forward to this - Hope everyone enjoys the ride!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Slight break

     I totally intended to write on this everyday, but life can get in the way.  So quick update:

Yesterday (October 23, 2013) :
      The DH and I went to the River Trail again, and this time we completed 5.1 miles. I think I left my legs on the trip somewhere, but I didn't have to walk my bike at anytime so I count that as a win!  We were both thrilled that we were able to do this. We got a little saddle sore as that being our third day out, so we went and got (GASP!) padded shorts.  Currently I think many athletic stores discriminate against chubby girls. I could NOT find anything in the woman's section that fit me, so I had to buy from the men department (which itself only went to an xxl). 
     I understand that mostly fit people buy clothes in stores like this, but I don't understand why can't stores have a small selection of xxl and up for people trying to better themselves. It almost seems like a slap in the face when you are starting out.  While many exercises can be completed in shorts and t-shirts, there are some things that really need the required clothing to make the exercise possible (such as biking padded shorts).  Ok that is my rant for now.


        We got up early today because we were dog sitting for some friends, and DH had a doctor's appointment.  At his appointment, we did tell the doctor that we were riding bikes and he encouraged it. I asked him about Plexus Slim, and he looked at the ingredient list I brought. He was not impressed, and said that exercise and decreased caloric intake has been proven, but he wasn't sure about anything that did not have to be regulated by the FDA. While I am totally with him on the skeptical thoughts,  he wouldn't even tell me if there were any KNOWN interactions with some of the homeopathic ingredients in Plexus Slim, and my DH medication.  So for now, I am on this journey alone.  Today we totally intended to ride our bikes, but I think after 3 days in a row we needed the break. So we did not ride today, but completely plan on riding tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow (hopefully!)!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bike Riding

    Today we tried out the bikes. We went to the River Market and rode the bike trail.  After we got home, I pulled up Google Pedometer.  I was VERY surprise! We rode 4.04 miles!! I'm thrilled. DH said he didn't break a sweat (but then again it was 65 degrees). I didn't break a sweat, but was out of breath.  So yea for us!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Throwing my hat over the fence!

     Well I did it! I threw my hat over the fence.... well actually I threw two hats over two different fences.

      "Throwing a hat over the fence" is an expression I got from my mom meaning when she had done something that required her to follow through with it in some way. Let me give you an example. In my parent's house, mom hated the wallpaper in the bathroom. One weekend, she just rented a steamer and peeled all of it off. Now she had a mess on her hands, but she had "thrown her hat over the fence" and would have to do something about the bathroom walls (which got painted like she wanted!).

      Back to me - I threw some hats today.  First hat: I purchased my first month of Plexus Slim Pink Drink and Accelerator. I am going to give it a chance. While I am slightly skeptical (never mind the results I'm seeing in co workers and friends), I went ahead with my DH's (Dear Husband) approval because I'm tired of being overweight.

I HATE clothes not fitting!
I HATE shopping in specialty stores!
I HATE not feeling comfortable in shorts!
And the list goes on!

     Second hat: I bought a bike. DH had decided he wanted a bike to ride downtown. Currently, we both play a geeky game on our phones called Ingress. This game is capture the flag and geocashing mixed together. A great place to play is down by the river, so he wanted a bike to play.  He also wanted the bike for the added benefit of losing some weight. So today we got him a bike, and he immediately starting making plans on going to the river with some people to play.  I started realizing that he was going to spend many of his days off down at the river riding bikes - and I couldn't.  Not because I wasn't able, but because I didn't have a BIKE! So we promptly turned around and bought me one as well.  

      So now we have a plan for getting healthier and losing some weight. I will plan on starting the Plexus Slim when I get it later this week, and we plan on riding starting tomorrow.  I will post weight and measurements as soon as I am able. I might even get a current picture up in honor of keeping this a real time blog.