Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brief Testimony

I started Plexus Slim on 10/27/13.. I used my 30 day supply and the 6 days from my two decision packs. I was down a total of 10ish (there is some flux) pounds and about 3-4 inches. I stopped taking because I ran out and money was a little tight. I had been skeptical (Surprise surprise) as to if the energy boost and decreased craving were Plexus Slim OR psychological!

I can honestly say it was the Plexus Slim! Ever since being off my appetite has increased, and my sweet tooth has shown back up!! I have ordered my next month because NOW I am a true believer that this Pink Drink helped!

November - my "monthly" cravings just were NOT there - but this month.... HOLY COW!! I can't seem to get enough of sweets!! I am still OFF the carbonated beverages and I think that helps some with bloating - but I have been "Craving " them more since off the Pink!!

Finally - Lots of people have been asking about weight gain once you stop taking the Plexus Slim. I can say I have been OFF for about 10 day (give or take) but I have NOT gained any weight back!! That makes me happy!!

Message me if you want some more information - I am so excited about this stuff!!