Monday, November 4, 2013

Catching up

 After my wired days (yes there were two), I slacked on blogging this journey.

First - I've LOST 6.6 LBS. I'm excited. I am weighing on Thursdays. I don't think I've lost inches at this point, but I'll take the pounds!

Thursday and Friday my DH was off with me. On Thursday, I offered him an accelerator since I knew I couldn't take the two I'm allotted.  I asked him periodically during the day if he felt more energetic. His response was maybe but it could be all psychosomatic. We also rode our bikes around the neighborhood. We "thought" the ride would be mostly flat. IT WAS A LIE!!! It was gentle rolling hills that I HATE. DH keeps pushing me to work on it, and I'm trying. I just don't know if he understands putting something like is more frustrating to this girl who is trying to start... Oh well. I've told him I would like to do more of downtown.

Friday, DH asked if the pill should still be in his system because he woke up at 7 and couldn't go back to sleep. I really don't know. I know he has been off caffeine, so maybe he is a little sensitive as well. He took another pill on Friday, and stayed energetic all day.

Other than this - I worked all weekend and took my drink and pills. I have noticed when I'm working I need a snack, but I think it is a combination of the pill and the working.  So now I'm starting week 2!