Monday, October 21, 2013

Throwing my hat over the fence!

     Well I did it! I threw my hat over the fence.... well actually I threw two hats over two different fences.

      "Throwing a hat over the fence" is an expression I got from my mom meaning when she had done something that required her to follow through with it in some way. Let me give you an example. In my parent's house, mom hated the wallpaper in the bathroom. One weekend, she just rented a steamer and peeled all of it off. Now she had a mess on her hands, but she had "thrown her hat over the fence" and would have to do something about the bathroom walls (which got painted like she wanted!).

      Back to me - I threw some hats today.  First hat: I purchased my first month of Plexus Slim Pink Drink and Accelerator. I am going to give it a chance. While I am slightly skeptical (never mind the results I'm seeing in co workers and friends), I went ahead with my DH's (Dear Husband) approval because I'm tired of being overweight.

I HATE clothes not fitting!
I HATE shopping in specialty stores!
I HATE not feeling comfortable in shorts!
And the list goes on!

     Second hat: I bought a bike. DH had decided he wanted a bike to ride downtown. Currently, we both play a geeky game on our phones called Ingress. This game is capture the flag and geocashing mixed together. A great place to play is down by the river, so he wanted a bike to play.  He also wanted the bike for the added benefit of losing some weight. So today we got him a bike, and he immediately starting making plans on going to the river with some people to play.  I started realizing that he was going to spend many of his days off down at the river riding bikes - and I couldn't.  Not because I wasn't able, but because I didn't have a BIKE! So we promptly turned around and bought me one as well.  

      So now we have a plan for getting healthier and losing some weight. I will plan on starting the Plexus Slim when I get it later this week, and we plan on riding starting tomorrow.  I will post weight and measurements as soon as I am able. I might even get a current picture up in honor of keeping this a real time blog.