Saturday, October 26, 2013

The British are coming....

Everyone has heard this..

"The British are coming.... The British are coming.."  We learn about this in history as the famous shout from Paul Revere.  

When I got the email from Plexus Worldwide telling me my Plexus Slim order had shipped, I felt I should be doing my own version.. "The Plexus is coming... The Plexus is coming!"

Tonight, when I got home from work - I HAD A PACKAGE! My Plexus Slim has arrived and tomorrow I plan on starting my journey.

Tomorrow (after work) I will post my measurements (gasp!).  I have a picture and my weight - but I'm embarrassed to put that out there just yet. Maybe when I can see how far I've come - I will become braver.

Looking forward to this - Hope everyone enjoys the ride!