Thursday, October 24, 2013

Slight break

     I totally intended to write on this everyday, but life can get in the way.  So quick update:

Yesterday (October 23, 2013) :
      The DH and I went to the River Trail again, and this time we completed 5.1 miles. I think I left my legs on the trip somewhere, but I didn't have to walk my bike at anytime so I count that as a win!  We were both thrilled that we were able to do this. We got a little saddle sore as that being our third day out, so we went and got (GASP!) padded shorts.  Currently I think many athletic stores discriminate against chubby girls. I could NOT find anything in the woman's section that fit me, so I had to buy from the men department (which itself only went to an xxl). 
     I understand that mostly fit people buy clothes in stores like this, but I don't understand why can't stores have a small selection of xxl and up for people trying to better themselves. It almost seems like a slap in the face when you are starting out.  While many exercises can be completed in shorts and t-shirts, there are some things that really need the required clothing to make the exercise possible (such as biking padded shorts).  Ok that is my rant for now.


        We got up early today because we were dog sitting for some friends, and DH had a doctor's appointment.  At his appointment, we did tell the doctor that we were riding bikes and he encouraged it. I asked him about Plexus Slim, and he looked at the ingredient list I brought. He was not impressed, and said that exercise and decreased caloric intake has been proven, but he wasn't sure about anything that did not have to be regulated by the FDA. While I am totally with him on the skeptical thoughts,  he wouldn't even tell me if there were any KNOWN interactions with some of the homeopathic ingredients in Plexus Slim, and my DH medication.  So for now, I am on this journey alone.  Today we totally intended to ride our bikes, but I think after 3 days in a row we needed the break. So we did not ride today, but completely plan on riding tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow (hopefully!)!