Monday, October 28, 2013

Day One

Today is day two, but I'm going to talk about day one (and some of day two).  So I warn you this is a bit long.

As I wrote previously, I received my Plexus Slim on Saturday October 26, 2013. I was very excited. I decided to start on Sunday October 27, 2013. I thought this would be perfect, since I was not only working - I was going to be working a 16 hour shift! I was to start my day at 0645 and go until 11 pm (ah the joys of nursing shifts). 

I got up at 515 am. After showering, I immediately fixed my Pink Drink in about 16 hours of water.  I drank my water as I was getting ready.  The drink was good. It had a berry flavor that I can't quite place.  After I finished getting ready,  I ate two eggs, and two biscuits with butter and jam (with a Dr. Pepper 10). Finally,  I took one of the accelerators. So I was ready to rock and roll!

So I went to work. I had a busy assignment and kept running most of my morning.  Around 1015, I noticed I was getting hungry. I had been drinking my water, and had already finished about 1 liter.  The hunger stuck me.  For the last few weekends, I had been eating eggs for breakfast because they "stuck" to me longer if I wasn't able to get to my lunch in a timely manner.  This was the first weekend I had actually been hungry before about 12 - 1230ish.  I finally went to lunch around 1130, and I had a grilled chicken breast, some squash, cheese mashed potatoes, and a diet Dr. Pepper.  I felt great. 

After returning to my unit, I kept busy until around 2pm.  I was HUNGRY again!  I called Heidi (my upline ambassador) who also works with me.  I told her I was hungry. It was crazy!  She and I talked about what I had eaten, and she agreed that it seemed I HAD consumed enough calories. She suggested I have a snack. I considered it but I started drinking my second liter of water. 

Some of the girls had gone to the gift shop and bought some candy - so I had some of this while I was drinking the water.  Day kept going well without issue. I had a chance to eat dinner around 8pm. I ate potato soup, and 5 mozzarella sticks.  When I ate dinner, I was a little hungry but not much.  Before I knew it, it was 11 and I was going home. I immediately noticed I wasn't really sleepy. I was tired because I had worked, but I wasn't sleepy and dragging. At home, I did have a little bit of chips and dip (but I think this might have been old habits die hard).

Today, it was a little different. I think I got my timing wrong.  I fixed my Pink Drink. I had it along WITH my biscuits and 2 accelerators. I have been more sleepy today (although it isn't unusual for me to be tired after a weekend at work which included a 16 hour shift).  I did have lunch with some friends, and did better than usual. I didn't finish all of my meal. Although, now that I am home again (and it is almost 3 hours after lunch), I am hungry again.  I wonder if the accelerator is making me hungry...

I think tomorrow I will have the pink drink before I eat anything.

Oh - and here are the specs I promised (all of this is in inches)!
R Arm - 18; Chest - 37.5; Waist - 39; Hips -54.5; R Thigh - 31.5