Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!  I hope everyone had a great New Year! We were at the family homestead for a big bonfire! It was great! We played with sparklers as you can see in the picture!

I (like everyone else) made some resolutions:
1) To lose weight. (I'm doing my Plexus regularly! I have gained an ambassador and I'm trying to recruit)
2) Exercise more! I'm going to get back on the bike - or at least to the stationary one!
3) Find a job! Yes - still have my job - but now that I'm a PhD I need to find a teaching job!
4) Pay debt! About that costs money! I need pay some of it back now!

Anyway - I hope you all had a wonderful day! Anyone make any resolutions they dare to share?